Hair Transplantation – ( DHI )Technique


DHI pens Technique have made a breakthrough in hair transplantation because of their ability to develop more easy and effective means to treat many problems and ensure the continuity of results. It is a successful method and has many advantages that overcame the defects of traditional methods that relied heavily on manual labor; The main idea was to extract the active and valid hair roots from the back of the head and then re-plant them again in the balding places by making small incisions in the head to make room for the hair root and transplantation.

How to transplant hair using DHI Technique


  • The first step in any of the hair transplant operations is to extract the hair follicles from their place, which can be done in two ways; The first is to take a piece of the scalp full of hair and separate the follicles from it, which will leave a scar after that, and the second is to remove the same follicles one by one from the back of the head, which is the best because it does not leave any scars and may not leave a trace at all.
  • Then comes the role of DHI pens for hair transplantation; The doctor begins by moistening the hair follicle in the hollow needle at the tip of the pen using special tweezers, then inserting the needle into the scalp and implanting that bulb in it.
  • In the traditional methods, the doctor needed to make small incisions in the scalp first to make room for the hair follicle. As for Choi pens, they do not need that because they implant the bulb itself in the head, which reduces the possibility of scars and bleeding during the operation and damage to the scalp.

The doctor repeats this process with each follicle until he finishes transplanting all the follicles that he extracted from the back of the head. In most cases, it is preferable that the medical team in the operation consists of 3-6 doctors who transplant at the same time to shorten the time of the operation and complete it accurately and efficiently

Features of DHI pens for hair transplantation

There are many advantages that make the use of Choi pens in hair transplantation one of the most preferred methods of hair transplantation by doctors, and we can say that the most prominent advantages are:

  • Better and more guaranteed results, and the hair follicles look natural and beautiful because Choi pens give doctors the ability to determine the angle of transplanting hair follicles to look natural
  • The pen is easy to control and transplant hair follicles between existing follicles to increase hair density and is a great solution in the treatment of thin hair
  • Protects the scalp from exposure to any wounds and protects the hair follicles originally from damage.
  • It is one of the best means that can be used in the cultivation of beard, mustache and eyebrow hair, because it can be controlled skillfully.
  • Reducing any possibility of head infection, bleeding, scarring or leaving any traces after the operation