What is Facial Cosmetic Operation


Facial plastic surgery is a process that seeks to get a person to have a beautiful face that is tight and full of vitality and youth. Aesthetic medicine has made a breakthrough in the field of facial beautification in various ways to treat all facial problems that women and men may suffer from.

How does the face-lift surgery occur?


A facelift is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, sagging face and neck are removed and wrinkles are removed. It also makes the face look younger and more beautiful

Do you feel pain during the face-lift procedure?

The face-lift operation is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. And when you follow the doctor’s advice, the pain relievers that are taken after surgery reduce the pain

Am I suitable for a face-lift?

There are many criteria that determine whether you will be suitable for a facelift procedure: the condition of the skin, the need of your skin, and the presence of any health problem that interferes with the operation. For this reason, it is more appropriate to communicate with the medical advisor and diagnose your condition. You can obtain a free consultation from Clinic Expert doctors and diagnose your case via WhatsApp