Hollywood smile is non-surgical cosmetic operation that gives immediate results, it’s done by placing customized peels on the original teeth of the patient; the dental peels are customized individually based on the shape of the patient’s jaw and mouth. The goal is to give the patient’s teeth a better shape as well as to keep it bright for many years.
Hollywood smile is preformed to get rid of the pigmentations and color changes that happen to one’s teeth, it’s also a very effective way to solve the problem of broken, missing or basically any irregular teeth line.


There’re several types of peels used in the process of the Hollywood smile operation in BMS Clinics; the most important ones are:

  • Veneers Peels: one of the latest and most modern dental peels used in the Hollywood smile operation. Veneers are suitable for all kinds of teeth, the doctor place them over the original teeth.
  • Porcelain Peels: Porcelain ceramic peels are placed over the internal teeth, it’s made of metal, and it works on improving the appearance and shape of the patient’s teeth and return them to their original appearance.
  • Zirconia Peels: Zirconia laser peels are applied on the internal teeth; it’s used to correct and modify broken teeth.
  • Luminaires: thin crusts used for external incisors, its aim is to improve the color of the teeth and make them harmonized with each other’s in terms of color and shape.


Though, Hollywood smile is a very easy and simple operation, yet there’re some exceptions that aren’t suitable for it. Such as:

  • Children or teenagers under 20 years old.
  • People who suffer from dental growth problems
  • People who are using orthodontics for the moment
  • People who suffer from fundamental problems such as (The loss of large number of teeth – The presence of severe injection in the gum)


What makes Hollywood smile perfect that it doesn’t require any additional or extra care, all you need is the daily dental care which a person usually does as part of his routine. Some of the most important tips are:

  • Brush your teeth daily, and use dental floss, this helps with making your teeth clean and protecting them from food crumbs.
  • Reduce kinds of food that might leave stains on the teeth, such as, food that contains plenty of sugar. In addition, reduce drinking coffee and tea.
  • Try to reduce smoking as much as you can, as it weakens the gum and changes the color of the teeth.


At BMS Clinics a Hollywood smile basic operation goes through three main stages

  1. • Preparation stage: at this stage, the doctor preforms some necessary dental emanations in order to ensure the safety of the patient’s teeth, also to know if the peels are suitable for the patient’s teeth or not.
  2. • Making a crust model: at this stage, the doctor removes (0.5) mm from the tooth surface (the same measures as crusts), in order to coat the teeth with the appropriate crusts. Then, the doctor makes a model of the peels that fit the patient’s teeth, and send them to the lab, to get them after a week or two.
  3. • Scaling: at this stage; first, the doctor experiments the scales and put them on the patient’s teeth to make sure they fit in terms of colors and shape. Then, the doctor cleans the patient’s teeth and install the scales on them using a custom adhesive.