Sleeve Gastrectomy


Are you trying to implement diets and gymnastics, but to no avail ? That is because obesity has multiple causes and it is due to genetic factors and problems in the function of glands and their secretion. Because we care first about your future, and we know that obesity is one the most important causes of many diseases and it leads to serious complications, we offer you a definitive cure for obesity, done by the best doctors who care about your health and try to reduce risks of obesity and its complications by the operation of sleeve gastrectomy.

How you prepare


If you qualify for sleeve gastrectomy, your health care team gives you instructions on how to prepare for surgery. You may need to have various lab tests and exams before surgery.

Food and medications

Before your surgery, give your doctor a list of all medicines, vitamins, minerals, and herbal or dietary supplements you take. You may have restrictions on eating and drinking and which medications you can take.

If you take blood-thinning medications, talk with your doctor before your surgery. Because these medications affect clotting and bleeding, your blood-thinning medication routine may need to be changed.

If you have diabetes, talk with the doctor who manages your insulin or other diabetes medications for specific instructions on taking or adjusting them after surgery.