How are mustaches grown?


Beard and moustache appearance has a significant place in men’s style. Beard transplantation and moustache transplantation is the best solution for beard & moustache hair loss caused by testosterone, for men who desire to have intensive and regular looking beard or moustache.

Beard hair transplant


It is a process in which some hair follicles are transferred from the head area or from the chest area to the chin or side areas after the surgeon ensures that the characteristics of the hair that he will transfer and transplant to the characteristics of facial hair so that its shape is not different from the rest of the facial hair. The process takes a few hours to prepare and execute. In the end, the surgeon is careful not to be able to distinguish the final shape of the transplanted hair from the natural facial hair.

Candidates for beard hair transplant

The best candidates for beard hair transplantation are men who suffer from a lack of beard hair growth, whether for natural reasons such as genetic reasons, or for external reasons such as errors after laser chin hair removal, burns or surgeries in the beard area. The patient must be in good health Not to be a smoker, because smoking negatively affects the blood circulation of the body and may contribute significantly to the failure of the chin transplant process as a result of the insufficient amounts of blood reaching the transplanted follicles. The patient must also be aware of the difficulty and complexity of the operation, and know that the transfer is done by bulb by bulb, so he must be precise in determining his wishes for the doctor.