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Dental veneer, or as it is called “Dental Lenses”, is a purely cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth to obtain a beautiful and attractive smile like the smiles of Hollywood artists. Veneer is not a dental whitening technique, but rather a cosmetic veneer that is made of bright white hard ceramic materials in specialized laboratories with specific sizes that vary from person to person, and is affixed to the teeth from the outside to treat some problems related to dental beauty.

The dental veneer has been associated with a Hollywood smile because Hollywood artists are the most popular group of veneers for trying to preserve the bright and attractive image of their smile.

Problems that Dental Veneer handles:

  • Yellowing of teeth colors, which is caused by smoking and drinking coffee and tea
  • continuously, as well as filling teeth roots and the presence of fungi and some liver diseases.
  • Width of distances between teeth
  • Cracks in the teeth
  • Fracture and thinning of the teeth
  • Inconsistent tooth size
Young woman choosing color of teeth at dentist, closeup

Dental veneer procedure

  1. Doctor Consultation: The procedure for dental veneers begins with a visit to the doctor and consult him whether it is appropriate for your case or not, and if your dental condition allows it to be performed. On this visit, the doctor will examine your teeth carefully, and x-rays will be done on the entire teeth to ensure that the tooth roots are in good condition. In this session, you should tell your doctor about the degree of color that suits you and the number of teeth or molars that need to be used for veneer.
  2. Removing a thin layer of tooth enamel: In this step, the doctor will work to remove a layer with a thickness not exceeding half a millimeter, which is approximately equal to the thickness of the veneer layer used to cover the teeth
  3.  Make a model for the teeth to be treated: by using several soft medical materials, used to print the shape of the teeth and molars on them, and then send them to the relevant laboratory with the degree of color that you choose to prepare the veneer.
  4. Veneer test: After receiving your veneer from the laboratory, which may take up to two weeks, the doctor will install the veneer with a temporary adhesive, to test how veneer is appropriate for teeth in terms of color and size.
  5. Fixing the veneer: When you are satisfied with the suitability for your veneers, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned from the effects of the temporary adhesive, then the doctor permanently installs the veneer on the teeth with highly sticky materials, especially for use on the teeth, then the doctor shines a strong light beam onto the teeth to help the adhesive material to work quickly, it also helps to make veneer more solid

Dental Veneers Features

  • It helps to hide all dental defects and obtain a beautiful and bright smile.
  • The materials used to manufacture it are well tolerated by the gums, and do not cause infections.
  •  Its results last for long periods of time, which may extend to ten years.
  • Its color does not change with time.
  • Does not require special care or drugs after its installation, only daily dental care.
  • An operation that does not require anesthesia or surgery

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that dental veneer services can help with dental problems involving the yellowing of teeth. I’ve always had that problem since I’ve only stopped smoking after about 20 years since I started. The staining seems to not be removed conventionally so I will definitely consider getting veneers.

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